Paper Submission Guideline

Paper Submission due date:
23:59:59 February 28, 2022 (JST, UTC+9) 23:59:59 March 21 (Mon.), 2022 (JST, UTC+9)

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Paper submission system will be closed temporarily
on the schedule below due to maintenance.
January 13, 2022 (Thu) JST

Step 1 : Prepare your manuscript using the template

  • Each author is requested to write a 35-word abstract and a three-page paper using the designated template.
    Please DO NOT change the layout or font pre-set on this template.

Step 2 : Create PDF file

  • Authors must create a PDF file to submit the manuscript.
  • The PDF file MUST be IEEE Xplore compliant to be published on it. To ensure this, we strongly recommend to use the IEEE PDF eXpress at https://ieee-pdf-express.org.
    You will need the Conference ID for OECC/PSC 2022.
    Conference ID: 53152X

Step 3 : Submission

  • The submission will be made via the on-line submission system. Go to the system from the button at the top of this page. Procedure on the system is as follows;
    1. Start with “Create an Account” and log in with Log-in ID and Password you have created.
    2. Click “New Submission” and follow the procedure filling in the “Authors/Affiliations”, “Presentation Information”, “Copyright Transfer” and “File Upload” pages.
    3. You can add another submission or edit the previous submission by logging in your account until the submission deadline.

Topic Category


  • O1. Core/Access/Data Center Networks and Subsystems
  • O2. Transmission Systems and Subsystems
  • O3. Optical Fibers, Cables and Fiber Devices
  • O4. Optical Active Devices and Modules
  • O5. Optical Passive Devices and Modules


  • P1. Photonic Switching Devices, Systems, and Networks
  • P2. Photonics for Computing and Deep Learning Applications


All rights are reserved by the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (the "IEICE"), for all accepted contributed and invited papers.
In the event the submitted paper is not accepted or is withdrawn by the author(s) before acceptance, the agreement of copyright transfer becomes null and void. For further information, please refer to the “Copyright Transfer” page on the submission system.

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