Invited Speakers

O1. Core/Access/Data Center Networks and Subsystems

Ultrahigh-speed OTDM systems for next-generation datacenter networks
Yun C. Chung KAIST
Evolution of fiber infrastructure - from data transmission to network sensing
Ming-Fang Huang NEC Laboratories America
Power-saving aware optical path assignment for over-peta-bit-throughput SDM photonic node
Fumikazu Inuzuka NTT Corporation
High-fidelity and high-capacity analog radio-over-fiber transmission
Shota Ishimura KDDI Research, Inc.
Radio-over-fiber for 5G access and beyond
Christina Lim The University of Melbourne
Open optical networks: Current status & next steps
Francois Moore Fujitsu Network Communications
Digital coherent based PON technologies and optical access systems
Naoki Suzuki Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,
Computing-over-fiber: Application-driven optical slicing in support of massive-traffic computing over metro network
Cen Wang KDDI Research Inc.
50G-PON for broadband access and beyond
Dezhi Zhang China Telecom

O2. Transmission Systems and Subsystems

Long-haul transmission over coupled MCF with coupled core EDFA
Manabu Arikawa NEC Corporation
Real-time transoceanic MIMO transmission
Shohei Beppu KDDI Research, Inc.
Simultaneous fiber sensing and communication over telecom fibers
Ezra Ip NEC Laboratories America
Coding techniques for beyond 1Tbps optical transmittion
Yohei Koganei Fujitsu Ltd.
Ultra-long-haul WDM transmission using NANF hollow-core fiber
Pierluigi Poggiolini Politecnico di Torino
Long-haul transmission using real-time GPU-based kramers-kronig coherent receiver
Sjoerd van der Heide Eindhoven University of Technology
Self-homodyne coherent transmission for data center interconnections
Xian Zhou University of Science and Technology Beijing

O3. Optical Fibers, Cables and Fiber Devices

S-band amplifier using highly nonlinear fibers
Youichi Akasaka Fujitsu Network Communications
MMF design using evolutionary algorithms
Filipe Ferreira University College London
Phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometry:concept and applications
Miguel Gonzalez-Herraez Universidad de Alcala
Coupled multi-core fiber technologies
Tetsuya Hayashi Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Large core multimode fiber for short distance communications
Ming-Jun Li Corning Incorporated
Ultra high density optical cable with advanced optical fibers
Shoichiro Matsuo Fujikura Ltd.
Optical fiber connector technology
Ryo Nagase Chiba Institute of Technology
Challenges and solutions of SDM fiber in practical application
Lei Shen Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company
Fan-in/Fan-out devices for multi-core fibers
Masanori Takahashi Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
Next generation optical fiber sensing technology
Paul Stephen Westbrook OFS Fitel
GAWBS noise in multicore fibers
Masato Yoshida Tohoku University

O4. Optical Active Devices and Modules

Co-designed electro-optical integrated frontend circuits for high speed transceivers
Johan Bauwelinck Ghent University - imec
Nanophotonics biosensors platforms for ultrasensitive diagnostics at the point-of-care
Laura Lechuga Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Direct modulation lasers for high-speed data communication systems
Yasuhiro Matsui II-VI Inc.
Satter Md. Mahbub Intel Corporation
III-V-on Si lasers for optical communications
Joan Manel Ramirez III-V lab
High-power SOA integrated EADFB laser and high-sensitivity burst-mode APD receiver toward 10G- and 25G-class long reach PON
Takahiko Shindo NTT Corporation
Integrated silicon photonics transmitters
Matt Traverso Cisco

O5. Optical Passive Devices and Modules

Programmable silicon photonic circuits date
Wim Bogaerts Ghent University - imec
Aluminium oxide photonic integration platform for applications form the UV to the mid-IR
Sonia M. Garcia Blanco University of Twente
Progress and future prospect of silicon photonics based large scale optical switches
Kazuhiro Ikeda National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Computational ultrafast CMOS image sensors
Keiichiro Kagawa Shizuoka University
Advanced integrated photonics for DWDM optical interconnects
Di Liang Alibaba Group
Silicon microring-based modulators and photodetectors beyond 100Gbaud
Xi Xiao China Information and Communication Technologies Group Corporation

P1. Photonic Switching Devices, Systems, and Networks

Artificial intelligence enabled inverse design of metasurfaces: from components to integrated systems for next generation vision
Andrea Fratalocchi KAUST
Petabit-per-second class transmission and switching
Georg Rademacher National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Intra-node high-performance computing network architecture with fast optical switch fabrics
Pavlos Maniotis IBM Research
Fully-loaded 32 x 32 silicon TO switches for disaggregated computing
Ryosuke Matsumoto National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
High baudrate short-reach communication
Oskars Ozoliņš RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB
Phase change materials for photonic computing
Wolfram Pernice Heidelberg University
Silicon photonics for high speed networks
Leslie A. Rusch Universite Laval
III-V/Si hybrid integration for scalable optical switching and computing
Mitsuru Takenaka The University of Tokyo

P2. Photonics for Computing and Deep Learning Applications

A semiconductor laser stand alone neural network
Daniel Brunner FEMTO-ST, CNRS/UBFC
Challenges for future quantum key distribution (QKD) networks
Helmut Griesser ADVA Optical Networking SE
Photonic reservoir computing on coherent linear processor
Mitsumasa Nakajima NTT Corporation
Photonic decision making and reinforcement learning
Makoto Naruse The University of Tokyo
Neuromorphic photonics based on silicon microring devices and networks
Alex Tait Queen's University
Computation with degenerate optical parametric oscillator networks
Hiroki Takesue NTT Corporation